Furo Graphic Design

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Who We Are

Growing up in Maine has its many advantages. One of them being taking in the naturaly beauty of the outdoors. From the salt in my lunges to the pine sap flowing through my veins, I often apply a lot of my influences into each project.


We provide a wide array of professional services such as print design, identity packages, artwork contracts, media content design.


I am a designer that puts your day dreams and vision, slaps it on paper and neatly packages it up for consumption.  


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Fred McClelland 

Owner / Artist




After many formal art classes (Animation,Cartooning,Storyboarding) as a kid, I have finally been able to meld my passion as an artist & my love of technology together to translate that into my clients work.

Every piece of work is not looked at as a labor or jo, but as a love affair of color and art direction. My eyes & hands are always engaged new ideas, techniques and experimentation to improve my skill set. There is no fear to try new things and implement them into client work to portray my vision more clearly.